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W3 Club London - In pursuit of Happy and Successful

W3 Club: brand strategy, identity and digital platform

The Challenge

Building a brand that not only brings together, but celebrates happiness and success.

With a growing need to adopt a truly holistic approach to our mental and physical fitness, Mediablaze were approached to create a brand strategy, identity and digital platform for a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space in West London.

Adopting a collaborative and strategic approach

Mediablaze hosted a brand strategy workshop to understand the brand purpose, how to bring the brand to life, and to engage existing gym members with the vision for W3 Club. We identified the competitor landscape across central London, covering boutique and other high-end gym spaces, to establish key points of differentiation from multiple perspectives to highlight our unique proposition in the leisure and sports marketplace. 

Working closely with key stakeholders including Olympic and Commonwealth Swimmers, Professional Coaches, Trainers and Specialist Leisure Transformation Consultants, we were able to build a strategy that would engage members and the wider community through a variety of touch-points, both on and off line.

Introducing W3 Club – messaging and positioning

Workout \ Wellness \ Water

To define a stand-out unique proposition in the sports and leisure marketplace in Central London, we worked with the team to define W3 Club as a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space in West London. It will become a space where a truly holistic approach is taken to helping its members achieve their goals, whatever their level.

  • Workout – providing physical exercise that strengthens the body 
  • Wellness – providing mental fitness that exercises the mind 
  • Water – where it’s possible to combine the best of both worlds 

With a key focus and emphasis on both our physical and mental wellbeing to enable people to be Happy and Successful, W3 Club will create a supportive, motivating and inspiring environment that promotes an all-encompassing universal approach. W3 Club is committed to creating the only space in London, that offers workout, wellness and water in one location, close to the city centre. An inclusive community that’s open to all.

W3 Club - Workout, Wellness, Water

Platform and build

Agile sprints to deliver on time

We not only created an interactive landing page to share the vision for what W3 Club will become, we also built a new website and mobile app that integrated with their existing online booking system to provide members with a seamless, engaging and informative brand experience from the outset.

Creating brand consistency and clear communication, both on and off line

Mediablaze deliverables included:

  • Brand Book, including tone of voice and brand purpose through to colour palette and usage guidelines 
  • Website and mobile app design and build 
  • Email engagement strategy and creation of brand assets 
  • Gym photoshoot 
  • Press pack for media engagement 
  • Brand experience and signage – on location to share vision with members 
  • Social strategy – including Facebook and Instagram 
  • Marketing and communications plan for 2020 to drive member acquisition and retention
  • Content strategy – including blog and social content 
  • Community management

W3 Homepage

W3 Club Website - Mediablaze, digital marketing agency London

Personal Trainers

W3 Club personal trainers - Happy and Successful
W3 Club - Happy and Successful

“Our vision for W3 Club has always been aspirational and to bring something new to members. We firmly believe that the ‘workout, wellness and water’ proposition embraces all aspects of our physical and mental fitness, that are needed in today’s society to lead a happy and successful life. Adopting a strategic and phased approach to the refurbishment, remodelling and revamping of the space, and a similar approach to our marketing initiatives working with Mediablaze, gives the W3 Club team the autonomy, freedom and agency support they need to work efficiently and effectively both on and offline.”