Speedo On: creating the social network for swimmers

Speedo On: creating the social network for swimmers

The challenge

Speedo’s pioneering heritage ensures massive brand awareness. But its complex distribution chain has led to a fractured customer experience and a focus on functional, product-driven storytelling. As part of a digital transformation process, Speedo asked us to help kickstart a social movement based around our shared passion for swimming.


Speedo On web app – desktop dashboard design

The Speedo On vision

A personalised community for swimmers

Working closely with Speedo, we outlined a groundbreaking digital experience that would inspire and delight swimmers of all levels. The aim: to deliver a genuine value exchange. Swimmers get training plans, personalised content and unparalleled tracking and analysis. In return, Speedo gains a deeper understanding of user behaviours – enabling delivery of marketing messages that support each customer journey, rather than interrupting it.

Design & build

User stories were core to the UX design process, which focused on delivering an intuitive app experience on desktop and mobile. And because we developed the Speedo On branding alongside the user interface, our designers were able to create a cohesive and visually striking experience that was beautifully implemented by our developers using Facebook’s React library and the Laravel web framework.


A brief intro to Speedo On - animation by Mediablaze

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The community experience

By signing up to Speedo On, you join a connected community of swimmers from around the world. Follow your swim buddies, earn badges, share your progress, and encourage others to go further. You can even go head-to-head with friends in the challenges.


The most groundbreaking component of Speedo On is its rich, personalised editorial content. Based on your behaviour, your personal feed is updated with contextually relevant tips, product stories, drill videos and goal-focused training plans. Fighting the water? We’ll give you video tips on improving your technique. Ready to race? Our pro nutrition advice will give you that extra advantage.


Speedo On mobile designs

A successful launch

Speedo On is only just out of beta, but already has a large, active user base and a string of glowing reviews. We’ve learned that many users spend longer poring over their analytics than they do swimming, that training plans work best when supported by good content and product recommendations, and that customers are aching to see Apple Watch and Fitbit integrated into the service. The good news: Speedo On’s roadmap is full of treats.

Check back soon for more learnings.

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Speedo On could well come to rule the pool