Jaguar Land Rover: digital incubator and content strategy

Jaguar Land Rover: Digital incubator and content strategy

The challenge

Faced with a barrage of new challenges to its business model, Jaguar Land Rover decided to create its own ‘new technology startup’.

InMotion was established as an incubator for entrepreneurial talent, creating a suite of apps and services for a world beyond car ownership. Our job was to create the digital strategy – from website design & build to content production and promotion – to position InMotion as the UK’s premier destination for mobility information and innovation.


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Jaguar Land Rover: Digital incubator and content strategy

Launch the project

A phased, agile approach to strategy

For InMotion to succeed as a start-up, it would have to behave like one by taking a test-and-learn approach to strategy and content production. We worked closely with the InMotion team to define a clear tone of voice and brand positioning, and designed an agile strategic framework that could adapt to fast-evolving business needs and emerging audience interests.

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The audience
Identifying shared passions and human needs

Internal decision makers. Transportation experts. Entrepreneurial influencers. Forward-thinking consumers. We needed to find a sweet spot that resonated with a diverse set of audiences.

Using social listening we identified shared interests and online resources and uncovered a very human need to understand the changes that technology and the sharing economy were imposing on the automotive industry. We simply needed to illustrate the opportunities these changes offered.


Building an immersive storytelling experience

The Mediablaze digital team designed a compelling interface to consume content, with an infinite scroll using AJAX technology to reduce bandwidth. WordPress’s functionality enabled the creation of an app-like, single-page experience.

By seamlessly loading the following article, we gently coaxed users through multiple articles in one session. The team combined these cutting-edge features with editorial best-practice UX, including social-ready pullquotes, sharelines and highlight-and-share functionality.

Creating a platform

Bringing new concepts to life – with the help of familiar voices

Mediablaze’s in-house digital team created a bespoke content hub to be the focal point for news, opinions and stories around mobility, with a particular focus on how it’s changing both the automotive industry and people’s lives.

Seasoned motoring and technology journalists, influencers, and industry professionals were commissioned to create a wide range of original features, complemented with visual direction from Mediablaze’s design team.

Mediablaze’s in-house editorial team managed this challenging production process, led by a managing editor and supported by a copy editor with oversight from the editorial director.


Jaguar Land Rover - Content strategy

A successful launch

From zero to hero in six weeks

Incredibly, the InMotion site went from sketches to full launch in just six weeks in order to hit an ambitious deadline for the PR announcement. Mediablaze worked closely with InMotion’s PR team to amplify the launch, resulting in significant PR traction and engagement with InMotion’s website and social channels.

  • PR generated just from the launch of the site resulted in more than 12,000 social mentions, 208 news articles (including The Verge, Tech Crunch and FT), and 47 blog articles from global influencers from the US to Indonesia.
  • Media coverage reach: in excess of 1,140,600 based on a sample of the top 15 articles, with a total count of 300 articles.
  • 6,000 views of the InMotion website in the first 48 hours after launch.
  • More than 13,700 social media engagements.
  • 450 Jaguar Land Rover employees signed up for more information.
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In just six months, InMotion has become the UK’s most visited resource for the mobility sector

With over 7,000 unique visits a month from a highly engaged, expert and influential audience, the success of the site has resulted in the evolution of the InMotion proposition and the recruitment of start-up entrepreneurs to develop a new suite of mobility services.

Jaguar Land Rover: Digital incubator and content strategy

over 73%

audience go on to read more than two pages per visit

Jaguar Land Rover: Digital incubator and content strategy


With an average article read time clocking in at 3 mins 27 secs, and a bounce rate of just 26% InMotion outperforms Jaguar Land Rover’s own website for stickiness