Everyone Active: Transforming membership sign-up

Everyone Active: Transforming membership sign-up

The challenge

Everyone Active manages over 170 leisure facilities on behalf of Councils across the UK and each facility brings with it a legacy of product and membership pricing structures.

Our challenge: conceive and create a web application that enables Everyone Active’s prospective members to customise their membership, make sense of thousands of permutations and complex pricing structures in an easy-to-understand interface.


Everyone Active website design and build

Launch the project

Our approach: listen to customers

The power of objective decision-making

To ensure we weren’t working on assumptions, we conducted extensive audience and competitor research and organised bespoke workshops. We surveyed existing members to identify what they value when deciding which gym to commit to and blended that with our usability and user experience research to inform thousands of interface and development decisions throughout the project.

Solving problems with creative and technical brain power

To add to the complexities this application is expected to handle, the audience has a high propensity towards the use of handheld devices (emphasising user interface and technical performance considerations). Our earliest wireframe prototypes were pressure-tested and combined with a combination of analytics and behavioural analysis to better inform us during user experience and interface creation.

We worked closely with Everyone Active’s systems provider (Gladstone Software) and helped to define their API methods that are used to provide a complex membership and pricing structure to the application via a clear, logical interface that everyone can use.

The back end integrates with a variety of third-party APIs; each with their own nuances and performance issues that we could not inflict on the end user. We built bespoke caching methods within our AWS hosted eco-system that enable us to maintain rapid performance levels on the front end.


ReactJs single page application optimised for users of handheld devices

The results

Solved a series of inherited complexities to deliver a performant web application that enables Everyone Active to bring their entire membership catalogue online, allow multiple members to sign up together and introduce corporate and promotion discounting methods to online transactions. Successfully improved the online conversion rate from prospect to sale and reduced the burden on staff resources in-centre; who can be re-assigned to meet the demand in other customer-facing roles.