A strategic performance engine for Heathrow

A strategic performance engine for Heathrow

The challenge 

Create an integrated marketing campaign to increase car parking booking volumes at Heathrow and other BAA owned airports.


The strategy

To maximise the impact of Heathrow’s car parking campaigns, the performance marketing experts at our sister agency iCrossing approached the Heathrow digital strategy in a cutting-edge, ‘connected’ way.

Using linguistic profiling to understand the language people use when they are researching airport parking, the team generated insights that allowed us to broaden the scope of search terms that Heathrow could focus search activity on – as well as understanding the best places to target display advertising.

Measurement & attribution

This combined activity and integrated approach increased the opportunities to generate awareness, visibility, traffic and bookings. All channels were tracked and measured through an attribution tool to help understand the online customer journey, and inform media distribution across channels to maximise ROI.


17x ROI

Search marketing (PPC & SEO) delivered an outstanding ROI of 27 during 12 months.

16% sales increase

PPC sales activity increased 16% YoY while cost per acquisition fell.