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Thred Media: A brand new web destination for Gen Z-ers

The challenge

Our collaboration with Thred Media goes back to 2019 when we were approached by the 14 year old Generation Z super influencer and Thred Media founder, Jenk Oz. Already a successful entrepreneur, presenter and public speaker Jenk was looking to launch as THE Generation Z digital destination. 

Mediablaze were approached to create a digital space dedicated to young people that is shaped by youth culture and powered by social change. A place where young people can share the latest trending topics while engaging in dialogue about the issues that are relevant and important to their generation.



Thred Media: Wordpress website design & build

Launch the project

Here’s how it all came together

Previous publishing destination was to be retired and all publishing efforts would be put into the new destination at A new name and brand identity was created for Thred and Mediablaze was tasked with setting the creative direction and putting together the UX wireframes and subsequent UI designs. Meanwhile the team at Thred Media setup the social channels and soft launched the Thred brand. Once we’d built the new website the editorial team at Thred Media migrated all relevant content over from and created the go-live content on

Less is more

It’s the cliché saying that everyone tries to adopt. However in this case it really was the case. With such a large breadth of content, it was key to have a well planned taxonomy for the content structure and to ensure the user wasn’t overloaded. Less choice, more quality, improved engagement.


Desktop view of home page

Thred Media - Designed and built by Mediablaze

Click it, it’s purple!

A big consideration for Thred was ensuring users understood what was actionable and what wasn’t. There are many assumptions designers and industry professionals make around what a user deems touch and clickable. 

Mediablaze utilised a key colour for elements that can be interacted with. This draws the user’s eye and they immediately know what they can or can’t click (or in most cases, tap!). Purple was the hue that was decided upon after an initial research sprint and discussions with the Thred team. It’s unique and we decided it was a good opportunity to own that space.

Let the imagery sing

The Thred team had a very varied set of inspirational resources for us to draw upon for the design of the website. But a unanimous opinion was that the images needed to be allowed to breathe and be emphasised. “An image can say a thousand words”. Thred features large imagery alongside punchy titles to ensure users are drawn in to articles.


Mobile view of home page

“Mediablaze rocks. I love the website they built, they were able to bring to life exactly what I had imagined and more.”

Jenk Oz, Founder & CEO

WordPress CMS

The publishing team at Thred were used to using Drupal but we find it time consuming to configure and clunky to use from an editorial perspective.  So Mediablaze recommended WordPress and a new love affair was born. The team at Thred love it’s simplicity and the Gutenburg editor makes additional editorial furniture super easy.

A successful launch is so new the paint is still wet on the privacy pages. The team at Thred Media have commented how slick and easy the WordPress CMS is to use. Carmen, the CFO at Thred Media is also happy because pretty much every aspect of the website can be managed by the editorial and media teams. The journey begins. Here’s hoping Thred can be the next Hype Beast or Buzzfeed.

“Our vision for is a destination for the Gen Z movement globally. Mediablaze have interpreted the brief amazingly well and as well as being fun and easy to work with, they really know their stuff. This is the start of what we hope will be an exciting journey together.”

Carmen A Greco, CFO

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