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We are a team of journalists, editors and digital renegades.

For almost a decade, we’ve been sharing our creativity and publishing experience with brands, building experiences that help them to get closer to their customers.

Along the way we’ve learned about how to use data to inform our storytelling and better understand every step in the customer journey. We’ve developed a unique approach to digital strategy. And we’ve learned the importance of paid media and performance marketing to reach new audiences.

We’ve always passionately believed in what we do – now we can prove it works, too.

We’re united by an obsession with tech, storytelling and space hopper racing

Our core team

The people that steer the ship

Paul Button CEO

Our Glorious Leader is a former magazine publisher and Ironman triathlete

Priya Pankhania Senior Producer

The princess of persuasion, everyone knows Priya actually runs things around here.

Nikolai Attard Managing Editor

Nikolai likes cars – a lot. He also always knows someone who knows someone who knows someone famous.

Val Denny Managing Editor

Our tamed New Yorker, Val writes like a heavyweight, sings like an angel and bakes like your nan.

Tim Dodd Head of Digital

Head of digital, Tim may really be complex code that he operates from a beach somewhere. He denies this.

Roger Barr Chief Digital Officer

Our co-founder and Chief Digital Officer Roger is a northern man trapped in a posh mans body.

Stephen Hobbs Senior Strategist

For a smart person, Stephen has quite a lot of trouble with the coffee machine and printer.

Dan Whitney Head of Content

If Mediablaze were a boyband, Dan would be Cowell. Only charming and with better hair.

Suzanne Scott Managing Editor

Suzanne has an endless supply of beauty knowledge. And anti-bac wipes.

Tanika Buijsen Strategist

Tanika owns it as our social lead - she’s either starting the party or posting the evidence on Instagram.

Tom Dunmore Strategy Director

Co-founder Tom might be a visionary, although he listens to Toto a lot more than you’d expect.

Noemi Szantai Senior UX Designer

Noemi is a brilliant, visionary designer. She’s rather less brilliant at keeping plants alive, sadly.

Dylan Goveas Developer

Our in-house philanthropist. Dylan spends his time making the world a better place by volunteering and writing neat code.

Michael Brook Editorial Director

Captain Content, Mikey is a real editor's editor and truly the hero this agency deserves.

Emma Braham Junior Designer

Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary' will get her out on the dance floor quicker than you can say 'rolling on the river.'

Spike Bowen Lead Producer

Scrum master, stand up specialist and king of trello, Spike is an island of organised calm in a tumultuous world.

Sarah Batters Growth Marketing Director

Data geek focused on driving results. 12 years international marketing experience including 7 years at Procter & Gamble.

Joshua Swanson Senior Developer

For a man who spends so much of his life immersed in code, Josh has an endearing love for boardgames and books.

Holly Clemens Producer

Come the Zombie apocalypse, Holly is the person we’d most want around. Practical, unflappable, she also throws a mean axe.

Pete McQueen Financial Director

A reluctant hero in the war on timesheets, our FD, Pete is also a qualified personal trainer, so well used to keeping us lean.

A group of like-minded editors, journalists, publishers and digital specialists, dedicated to creating brand experiences that deliver an ongoing connection with consumers

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