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Who we are

A group of like-minded editors, journalists, publishers and digital specialists, dedicated to creating brand experiences that deliver an ongoing connection with consumers

Creating experiences with exquisite content at their heart


Not content to fill space

We are experts in the art of digital storytelling. Not a PR agency that’s doing social on the side or an ad agency that’s hired a few word monkeys – but bona-fide digital and content marketing specialists. We were founded in London, 2010 by a group of editors, publishers and digital evangelists who saw that technology was reshaping the way that people relate to brands. Since then we’ve developed successful digital platforms and content strategies for some of the world’s largest organisations, all the while dedicating ourselves to giving brands not just a voice, but also compelling and relevant things to say. Every day. We’re not doing it because it pays the bills (though that helps), we’re doing it because it’s the most creative, exciting, challenging way we can think of spending our time.

OUR LEADERSHIP TEAM The people that steer the ship

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Paul Button


With over 15 years experience publishing some of the world’s biggest brands in tech & lifestyle media, Paul’s award winning work at organisations including Haymarket Media and Future PLC gives him a unique perspective when it comes to successfully commercialising brands through content.

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Tom Dunmore

Strategy Director

Former broadcaster and editor-in-chief of Stuff Magazine, the world’s best selling consumer tech title, Tom is a standout creative thinker and award winning strategist. With a career spent at the vanguard of emerging technologies, he is ideally placed to deliver global digital strategies for our clients.

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Roger Barr

Digital Director

Our tech savvy, super talented, digital evangelist, Roger is the brains’ behind creating destinations and mobile experiences for brands including Merrell, LG and Sony.

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Michael Brook

Editorial Director

The only man to edit, both T3 and Stuff Magazine, Michael is one of the most experienced and talented technology editors in the world. He provides editorial direction for brands as diverse as Dali, Eset and Timberland.

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Dan Whitney

Managing Director

A highly creative people person, building relationships with some of the worlds most well known sports and technology brands, including Merrell, LG and Jaguar Land Rover comes naturally to Dan.


Mediablaze is part of the iCrossing family, with integrated capabilities and offices on four continents.

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