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Data strategy

Data strategy

Understanding how to measure success is only one part of a successful data strategy.

With a well-planned data strategy, we can help you to build up a sophisticated view of your customers that allows you to reconfigure their experience based on their behaviours. Scroll to discover

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Why marrying data and creativity is the only way to drive performance

Data and insight should provide a platform for creativity, not put constraints on our imagination and inventiveness.

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Healthy and Appy? Why data integration holds the key

Healthy and appy – Wellness is big business. Mediablaze look at the impact of data integration on this multi-billion dollar industry.

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Citizen data scientists could plug a gap in your marketing analytics. He…

Citizen data scientists can plug the gap in data knowledge within your brand’s marketing team. Here’s how they can and, crucially, how to find them.

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Insight is in the eye of the beholder: Data challenges and opportunities…

We rely on data to make important decisions – from harnessing the power of big data, to running small-scale growth marketing experiments – the list is endless.

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