Digital, social, and content marketing news 17.03.17 - from Mediablaze
Digital, social, and content marketing news 17.03.17 - from Mediablaze

Digital, social, and content marketing news 17.03.17 – from Mediablaze

McDonald’s goes mobile, and Dr. Pepper gets a new face.

Your weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news. This week… 17t March 2017 

1. The new face of Dr. Pepper is making a splash

Dr. Pepper has launched a creative new ad campaign, which is part of a wider drive to reposition its branding message back on the product. The series of ads features the hunky CraveRider, a Dr. Pepper “delivery guy” that rides his jet ski on a wave of the flowing soft drink through living rooms and other various outdoor locations. Catch an example of his wet and wild antics in the spot below:

2. Advertising is growing … literally

A Latin America-based branding agency has a creative way to attract the attention of the crowds. In a campaign to promote the soap brand Lifebuoy, the Electric Factory Group placed poster-sized petri dishes in malls so shoppers can watch bacteria from everyday items – like a phone – grow day by day. The goal of these “Bacteriads” is to encourage regular hand washing. Have a look at the video below … if you have a strong stomach.

3. Snapchat jumps on the original content bandwagon

According to Digiday, Snapchat is moving towards creating original content and possibly even pitching show ideas to advertisers, which would be available on its Discover platform. It’s clearly an area of the business that it’s keen to develop, as news of this recent activity comes on the back of last month’s appointment of Donna Ogier as global publishing manager. She was formerly senior public relations manager at Apple.

4. Keeping up with Instagram Stories

Ted Baker has released a new campaign titled “Keeping Up with the Bakers”, which innovatively utilises Instagram Stories and shoppable video as an extension of its original ad. The soap opera-esque campaign uses Insta stories as a “gossip channel” to reveal more juicy info about the Baker family, and extends to their website where consumers can have a 360° shopping experience.  

5. McDonald’s goes mobile

This week McDonald’s announced that it has started to test mobile ordering via its app, to help improve the experience of ordering food in its restaurants. This function utilises geo-fencing technology to locate the customer’s whereabouts in order to prepare their food fresh as soon as they are in the vicinity. The initial test is taking place across California in the US, but trials are also planned around the world.

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