10-02-17 - Weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news
Digital, social, and content marketing news 17.03.17 - from Mediablaze

Weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news 10.02.17 – from Mediablaze

An unlikely Snapchat copycat, and pranking the world.

Your weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news. This week …

1 Publishers join Snapchat copycats

Another Snapchat copycat emerged this week from an unlikely direction: The Huffington Post. The publisher debuted a new visual content format called ‘storybook’ on Monday, allowing readers to navigate stories on swipe. Made for HuffPost’s mobile site, but also available for desktop visitors, the first storybook features 10 pictures of Lady Gaga’s disruptive clothing choices. Unlike Snapchat, the stories aren’t ephemeral, but the style will be instantly familiar to fans of the app.

2 Twitter is fighting trolls

Last Tuesday, Twitter announced three new features that should help to handle abuse and trolls on its platform. It will prevent previously suspended users from creating new abusive accounts; it’s developing a “safe search” that lets users avoid searching for hateful or abusive tweets, and it’s tweaking the timeline with a new feature that will collapse “potentially abusive or low-quality tweets.”

3 Pinterest pins now even more shoppable

Pinterest is making it easier for users to buy things from Pins. The platform rolled out a new feature called ‘shop the look’, which allows users to click on individual items in pictures if they’re tagged or, if not, see similar items that are buyable.

4 Cards against humanity is pranking the world

It was that time of the year again: the Superbowl. And with an ad costing more than $5 million per 30 seconds this year, brands tried to outperform themselves by making the best ads ever. But there was one ad that sparked a lot of confusion and controversy: Cards Against Humanity’s ‘potato’ ad. As it turns out, the joke only started with the potato. The real laugh came the day after Super Bowl Sunday, when CAH shared this Medium post titled, “Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed.” And the world fell for it. But, as it turns out, it was just another prank.  

5 Our pick of 2017’s Super Bowl ads

From flat out funny to plain weird. Everyone knows Super Bowl ads are where the real action is, so we made a selection of our favourites from the event. You’re welcome!

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