Weekly wrap-up 03.03.17

Weekly wrap-up 03.03.17

The importance of Facebook reactions, and order pizza everywhere.

Your weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news. This week …

1. Press the pizza button

It seems pizza chains are one step ahead of the others when it comes to innovative (and fun) ways for their audience to interact with the brand. Earlier we reported on Domino’s chatbot service, and now it’s Pizza Hut’s turn. The fast food restaurant introduced “Pie Tops”, a set of limited edition high-tops that use geo-location to deliver pizza wherever you are. Just press a special button on the tongue of the sneakers (no, really).

2. KFC’s “clean” burger

Staying on the topic of fast food chains, Kentucky Fried Chicken has introduced its first clean eating burger. It was “made in collaboration” with “influencer” Figgy Poppleton-Rice — but you probably already guessed it from the amount of quotation marks, it was all a prank. On 23 Feb, KFC announced the collaboration, linking to Figgy’s site, Twitter and Instagram page populated with bits of wisdom such as “Cauliflower isn’t a food, it’s a lifestyle choice” and “Life is what happens while you’re making salad.” Then Monday with the release of Figgy’s video, it became clear that it was all a cheeky spoof of “clean eating” bloggers to launch the new “dirty” Louisiana burger. Hats off to you, KFC.

3. ❤  more important than ????

This week, Facebook Reactions turned one, and now the company is changing how the feature impacts users’ news feeds. “Over the past year we’ve found that if people leave a reaction on a post, it is an even stronger signal that they’d want to see that type of post than if they left a like on the post,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “So we are updating News Feed to weigh reactions a little more than Likes when taking into account how relevant the story is to each person.” As a brand, there’s now even a bigger incentive to create content that’s ????  or ❤  rather than ???? .

4. Instagram is improving influencer strategy

‘Influencer marketing’ is the buzzword for 2017, or so it seems. Influencers thrive on Instagram, and marketers and advertisers are keen to tap into their audiences to generate exposure. Instagram isn’t blind, too, and according to Social Media Today it’s testing a new way for influencers to tag partners. The added feature could provide both a new level of transparency and simplified co-operation.  

5. Denny’s best Tweet ever

When brands try to be ‘down with the cool kids’ and be funny, most of them fail horrendously. But not Denny’s. The brand is no stranger to the Twitter spotlight, but this week it tweeted out an image that turned out to be its best tweet ever. Hint: Zoom in on the syrup.

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