23-12-16 - Weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news
Happy Christmas from Mediablaze

Weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news 23.12.16 – from Mediablaze

Bad Christmas marketing and hands-free Instagram.

Your weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news. This week…

1 Instagram now has stickers and ‘hands-free’ video

Instagram has released some new updates: contextual stickers, multiple text fields, hands-free mode for videos and the ability to save Instagram Stories. Hands-free? All it means is that you don’t have to hold down the video button to record a video anymore. Just tap once to start, and tap again to finish – like your regular camera app already does. OK, it does make things a little easier.

Instagram stickers
Instagram stickers

2 The worst marketing stunts of the Holiday season

‘Tis the season, and many marketers and businesses are fighting over the best Christmas stunts – with sometimes a beautiful end-product. But sometimes, not so much.

3 Agencies alarmed by ‘Methbot’ scheme

Ad fraud detection firm WhiteOps has discovered what it calls the biggest ad fraud scheme to date, an operation called Methbot that’s believed to have been scamming $3 million to $5 million a day since October from ad agencies and brands by mimicking video ad views. The news alarmed agencies, who said it should serve as another wake-up call to marketers about their reliance on programmatic advertising techniques to reach consumers.

4 Can customer service bots replace a human?

This week, we shared our thoughts about customer services on social media. There are still a lot of possibilities for businesses, with a real opportunity to outshine the competition when customer service on social is done right. However, there is an important game changer in sight: AI and chatbots. Or not?

5 Merry Christmas from Mediablaze!

As our Instagram feed shows, we’ve had some Christmas-themed fun in the past few weeks. Now it’s time to change colleagues for family, and the office for home. From all the people of Mediablaze, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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