12-12-16 Weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news
Twitter, Instagram and other social media news from Mediablaze

Weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news 12.12.16 – from Mediablaze

Twitter accidently and briefly changes the way we reply, dividing the internet.

Your weekly dose of digital, social, and content marketing news. This week …

1. Facebook introduces Snapchat-like photo frames

Two weeks ago we mentioned that Instagram has introduced Snapchat-like features. Now it’s parent company, Facebook, is getting in on the action, continuing to roll out its in-app camera features. The latest addition? A new tool that lets users create and submit their own custom photo frames.

2. Twitter briefly changes how replies work

Last week, Twitter’s latest experimentation into the way replies work had a slight malfunction – instead of being limited to a number of people, everyone using its iOS app were able to reply to tweets without the name – the @ username – appearing and counting towards the 140 characters. Some users were impressed, others less so.

3. Facebook announces new channel for metrics updates

Facebook announced the launch of a new channel for metrics updates, similar to its News Feed FYI series. The first installment included insight into a Like, Share buttons and mobile search discrepancy, as well as improvements it has made to estimated reach methodology.

4. Christmas campaigns yet to make an impact on mobile

According to new data from TubeMogul, festive-inspired marketing is still struggling to have an impact on mobile, with 44% of respondents claiming that they have not seen a Christmas ad on their handheld devices. Marketing Week also reported that 77% of users “don’t like or enjoy mobile Christmas ads”.

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