WANTED: Senior Full Stack Developer - Digital Agency Mediablaze
senior backend web developer

WANTED: Senior Full Stack Developer

We are currently seeking a Senior Full Stack Developer with experience in PHP (Laravel) and JS (React & Angular ideally) to join our dedicated digital team. Do you have an inquisitive mindset for how things are put together and enthusiasm for your craft?

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  • Job Title: Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Location: London SE1 (Waterloo, London Bridge)
  • Function: Digital
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Duration: Permanent

We are a world-leading digital agency with unrivalled editorial expertise. Founded by digital specialists, editors and publishers with experience of successfully growing brands, we use customer insight to shape feature-rich, digital experiences to meet clearly defined objectives.

We are currently seeking a ​Full Stack Developer​ (Senior level or progressing towards it) to join our dedicated digital team. Our new recruit will bring an inquisitive mindset for how things are put together, bags of energy and enthusiasm for their craft. A collaborative work ethic will see you fit in with our existing team to deliver some exciting websites and applications.

Working alongside our existing Senior Front End Developer, Senior Full Stack Developer and Junior Front End Developer, you will be responsible for delivering, maintaining and extending upon large-scale, high-quality development projects that provide a meaningful digital experience aimed towards real business results for our clients.

During projects, law and order is maintained in the studio through our particular flavour of Agile/Scrum project management. You’ll also enjoy working alongside some experienced and collaboratively-minded Strategists, Creatives and Producers at various stages of our projects.

As a valued member of our team, you’ll play an active role in shaping our development processes, tools, techniques and frameworks we adopt and immerse ourselves within. You’ll be responsible for time estimates for the work you deliver, the deadlines those create and support your colleagues to see all sprints and projects delivered on time and on budget.

The ability to communicate with other developers, creatives and client service teams is important in this role. Some of the applications we build and maintain are functioning around our clients’ complex business logic. An ability to digest and understand this logic and convey it to people who don’t know what a controller or a function is, will put you in good stead.



  • Take ownership of development for our core digital projects from initial conception and architecture, through to the delivery of documented, performant and bug-free code.
  • Write concise, well organised and (where possible) reusable code; being considerate to other developers collaborating with you or picking up and extending upon your work in the delivery of new features.
  • Optimise your creations for maximum performance and scalability to meet the high quality of digital experience expected by our clients whilst catering for high volumes of traffic.
  • Strike the right balance between documenting your code and keeping a keen eye on timelines and project delivery.
  • Support our work with third party providers (our own partners or those of our clients) to devise and deliver the most suitable, stable and cost effective solutions that meet the client’s business requirements.

Workflow and Project Process

  • Keep abreast of the latest tools, technologies, and processes for continuous integration and automation tools, highlighting options that will deliver efficiencies in our development workflow.
  • Accurately estimate your time to deliver features within your projects and help to define sprint plans according to our Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Be able to implement automated unit tests for your code in new projects and ensure all new features and releases pass these tests against the predefined user stories.
  • Play a key role in assessing emerging technologies, platforms and frameworks; steering how we explore and adopt suitable options for projects to meet the project requirements.

Relationships and Collaboration

  • Form a strong working relationship with the Senior Front End and Full Stack Developers to ensure a seamless delivery of features, supporting each other to work as efficiently and coherently as possible during the collaborative elements of project delivery.
  • Support the Producers on your project to highlight resource requirements and the expertise required to deliver concurrent projects of various sizes through the studio.
  • Engage, educate and nurture junior members of the team as well as the less digitally savvy colleagues coming from backgrounds outside of the development world.
  • Supported by the Producer, you’ll need to confidently discuss project detail with clients and their development partners to ensure successful integrations with our codebase, helping where necessary to translate complex logic to a less technical audience.
  • Be an internal champion for the exciting and never-ending possibilities that technology can deliver to the team and strategically consider how these can be introduced to clients.
  • Support the requirement to measure the performance of our digital creations, helping the team to report KPIs and success stories back to the client.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience building complex and custom PHP web applications in a professional Midweight or Senior Developer role
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working with the Laravel PHP framework
  • Expert working knowledge of PHP v5 & v7 and OO PHP development
  • Expert working knowledge of SQL and experience of architecting databases for performant querying of large, relational datasets
  • Expert understanding of browser-compliant application and user interface builds using HTML, CSS3/SASS, and Javascript
  • Expert knowledge of pre-processed CSS platforms (e.g. Sass) and able to write scalable and modular CSS/Sass using the BEM syntax
  • Expert OOP Javascript knowledge (ES5 & ES6) and ability to demonstrate use of ReactJs and/or Angular 7+ in a commercially delivered project
  • In-depth knowledge of progressive enhancement, accessibility standards, and usability.
  • Strong experience handling third party APIs of varying quality and languages
  • Strong experience of adhering to your teams agreed continuous integration/version control principles (Git/BitBucket/Pipelines)
  • Experience of working with Front End Developers to devise APIs that underpin the end user experience (defined by user stories and/or UI designs) using the most efficient and performant series of calls and queries (and vice-versa undertaking the Back End role)
  • Experience of writing recipes for efficient and stable deployment processes
  • Experience of working with an AWS infrastructure including Load Balancers, EC2, S3, CodeDeploy, CloudWatch, auto-scaling rules, etc (we are supported by a third party team of AWS Qualified Engineers)
  • Experience of handling queues or jobs and processes triggered by crons that will run in the background to synchronise data into and out of our environment
  • Healthy appreciation for the value of documenting your code inline and preparing more formal documentation for other developers (e.g. using Swagger to document your APIs)

Additional experience to work in your favour

  • Experience of working with TDD methods e.g. Gherkin, Cucumber, Mocha, ProtractorJS etc
  • Light touch experience into a range of back end programming languages to be able to understand their principles e.g. Python, Ruby, .NET, Java, Node/Javascript, Go, etc
  • Light touch experience or prototype exploration into non-relational/NoSQL databases to understand their principles – e.g. MongoDb, CouchDb, etc
  • Experience of various forms of automated deployment tools e.g. Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet
  • Light touch experience or prototype exploration into native application development
  • Knowledge of the principles of TypeScript or a willingness to explore its principles
  • Experience of using a range of JS frameworks beyond ReactJS and Angular – such as VueJs, Polymer, Ember etc.
  • Solid understanding of SEO best practice and principles for on-site optimisation
  • Demonstrate how your curiosity has led to explorations into various programming languages, frameworks and tools

How to apply

To apply for the role, please share your CV and a covering letter to:

[email protected]

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