Those who tri - the tech triathletes love

Those who tri – the tech triathletes love

Our triathletes tell us how they use tech when training

This Saturday, while most of London may be soaking in the sunny weather in the parks or visiting the markets, more than 13,000 people will be racing to the finish line of the London Tri, the world’s biggest triathlon. Two Mediablazers, Gary and Tanika, have been training for this day for months. While the rest of us are chilling this Saturday, they’ll be putting all their hard work to the test and competing in their first triathlon.

We’ve been documenting their journey for the past few weeks on our blog. Catch up with our series and meet the athletes, find out how they fit in training, and get answers to their most pressing tri questions.

Training for a triathlon involves a lot of tracking and monitoring of your improvement. Luckily we live in a digital world, which makes tracking progress a lot easier. Fitness trackers have revolutionised the way people train, and our triathletes have jumped on board as well. They each use their own trackers and apps to prepare for the tri. Here’s how they use their tech:

Gary alias GMAC


Fitness tracker of choice: His phone and watch.

Likes it because: It’s not an expensive fitness tracker.

Tracking app/site of choice: Nike + and Speedo On.

Likes it because: It’s easy to use, how Nike + shows you when you’re struggling, how useful the tips and articles are from Speedo On.

If he made a tracking site, it would… Sync to his work and personal calendar, alert you of a planned session, give tips and suggestions, and congratulate you once you’ve done it.

He has been using Nike + for a few years and has a lot of his data on there. He uses the app’s data to change his runs when he notices he’s slowing down. He also really likes the tips from Speedo On because swimming was the most difficult part for him. ‘The breathing one I find quite helpful, and the technique for how to catch the water has helped me speed up.’ He also looked at blogs and Speedo’s YouTube videos for additional swimming tips.

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Tanika alias The Flying Dutchwoman


Fitness tracker of choice: Misfit Ray.

Likes it because: It still keeps track of her progress when her phone doesn’t.

Tracking app/site of choice: Strava.

Likes it because: You can see in realtime how you’re doing and immediately after know if you’ve hit your goals. You can also see how you’ve done compared to everyone that’s done the same route as you.

If she made a tracking app/site, it would… allow you to choose the metrics and would be nice and pretty with pie charts and graphs.

She likes keeping track of her fitness because she has a certain goal time that she wants to go for in the triathlon. ‘This is the way I’ll know if I get to that goal.’ She’s already hit her goal (way to go, girl!), but is still training hard. When preparing for the tri, Tanika looked at the London Tri website and asked people around the office about their experiences and tips.

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Check in later this week when the gang tells us how they are holding up when the big event is only two days away.

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