Those who tri - meet the triathletes at digital marketing agency Mediablaze
Triathlon training with the team at Mediablaze

Those who tri – meet the triathletes

On 22 July, we’ll be competing in the London Triathlon

On 22 July, more than 10,000 people will be participating in the London Triathlon, swimming 750 metres, cycling 20 kilometres and then running 5 kilometres before they reach the finish line. And this year, three people from the Mediablaze team will be participating for the first time. Our three beginner triathletes – Blaise, Gary, and Tanika – have been training tirelessly over the past few weeks to prepare themselves for the event.

They have five weeks to go until the Triathlon and are working harder than ever. We’ll document the journey in the new blog series, Those Who Tri.

But before we can get started with all the fun, let’s introduce to you our three triathletes:

Blaise Hypolite alias Blaze of Glory

Triathlon training at with Blaise at Mediablaze

Creative Services Manager

Previous training: Half marathons and road cycling

Usual training schedule: At least 4-5 days a week with 2-3 sports a day

Most worried about: Swallowing fecal matter from the Thames

Logs training with: Strava for running and cycling

On his playlist: The motivational voice in his head

Blaise decided to take part in the triathlon after the office decided a company team would compete in the event. So far he has enjoyed being more active and using his new bike heaps. On his goal for the triathlon, Blaise said, “I hope to finish it, which I’m very confident I’ll do, so yeah just to get a time I can be proud of.”

Current Mood: unnamed-1

Gary McCarthy alias GMAC, Big Mac ‘n Tri-es

Triathlon training at with Gary at Mediablaze

Account Director

Previous training: Boxing, half marathons

Usual training schedule: Runs twice a week, swims twice a week, cycles twice a week, with some gym sessions as well

Most worried about: Perfecting his swimming technique

Logs training with: Nike+ for running, Strava for cycling, and Speedo On for swimming

On his playlist: Sia, David Guetta, Kanye West, and Missy Elliott

Gary decided to do the triathlon after a push from his wife and after working with Speedo. His favourite part of training is all the food he gets to eat, which is a fair point. As a rather competitive person, he has high hopes for the triathlon. “What I’m trying to achieve is a decent time, for someone to go ‘Oh for the first time he’s done that, that’s quite a good time’.”

Current Mood: unnamed-4

Tanika Buijsen alias The Flying Dutchwoman

Triathlon training at with Tanika at Mediablaze

Community Manager

Previous training: Resistance training, 18-kilometre run

Usual training schedule: Cycles to and from work daily, runs 2-3 times a week, goes to the gym 3-4 times a week and fits in swimming while there

Most worried about: Getting weird diseases from swimming in the Thames

Logs training with: Strava for runs, has Misfit Ray fitness tracker

On her playlist: Happy Hardstyle

In the past few months, working out has been at the bottom of Tanika’s to-do list, so she decided to do the triathlon as a way to get herself back into it. Tanika doesn’t have a goal for the triathlon, but she’s looking forward to crossing it off her bucket list. Despite struggling with swimming in the beginning, Tanika enjoys it now. “I really like it because it’s really repetitive, it’s meditative almost.”

Current Mood:file_360

Check in with Those Who Tri next Thursday when the triathletes will be telling us how they stay fit at the office.

At Mediablaze, we are not just a group of triathletes. We’re experts in creating interesting and relevant content for brands. So feel free to get in touch, we’ll always take a break from our training schedule if you get in touch: [email protected]

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