Those who tri- the results

Those who tri- the results

Our triathletes share their results from the big race.

This past Saturday, when we were all hiding indoors from the rain, some people were running, swimming, and cycling their way through the mucky weather on their way to completing the London Tri. Among those braving the weather- were Team Mediablaze’s own Daniel, Gary, and Tanika, competing in their very first triathlon.


Like the other competitors, Daniel, Gary, and Tanika have been training for months in order to get ready for this past weekend. We have been keeping up with our triathletes as they journeyed through training and up to the day before the triathlon. You can read our introductory post here. You can also read how they stay fit at the office, the answers to all their swim questions, their favourite tech for training, and how they were feeling the day before the triathlon.

For the final time, we checked in with our triathletes to see how they did in the big day and their final thoughts now that their three-month journey is finally over.

Daniel aka Dan the Man


Time: 2 hours 3 minutes

Overall feeling about the tri: “Good, it went well”

Future plans: Would like to do more triathlons.

Surprises: The swim went better than expected, but the cycling went worse.

Overall feeling now that it’s over: Tired.

Dan really enjoyed the triathlon. If he could do anything differently, he would have done “more cycling practice”. But all victories have their small bumps. “My transition took too long between swimming and cycling, and I had jelly legs coming out of the water,” Dan recalls. He also had a nasty cut on his leg that held him back. Despite it all, Dan got through the tri. Good job Dan!

Current Mood: dan-final

Gary aka GMAC


Time: 1 hour 33 minutes

Overall feeling about the tri: Very good and fun.

Future plans: Do an Olympic one next year in a place “with a nice countryside and potentially a clean lake”.

Surprises: How much stuff you need: “It’s like packing for a weekend away”.

Overall feeling now that it’s over: Relieved and will go back to boxing.

Coming out of the triathlon, Gary was happy with the way he performed. The swim wasn’t as bad as he expected, he surprised himself with how fit he was, and he finished in a decent enough time to make him happy. He did suffer one small issue during the event. After taking a corner too fast on the bike, Gary punctured his front tire. “It was fine. I got off and changed it and continued.” Cheers to that Gary and congrats on the time!

Current Mood: image_uploaded_from_ios_360-3

Tanika aka the Flying Dutchwoman


Time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Overall feeling about the tri: Really good, “It was a fun day.”

Future plans: To do an Olympic triathlon next year.

Surprises: She beat Gordon Ramsay (his time was 1 hour 48 minutes).

Overall feeling now that it’s over: “On to the next challenge.”

Despite being nervous the morning of the tri, Tanika had a good time competing. Overall, she described the event as “unreal.” “You’re finally done with it, this is something you’ve trained for for over three months and now it’s just over”. Next time around, Tanika wants to train for the running part a bit harder because she could have done better and she “was getting bored while running”. Overall, excellent job Tanika! You smashed it

Current Mood: tanika-final

While the triathlon is over, that doesn’t mean we have run out of things to say about the talented and interesting people that work here. You can find out more about some the people in our office through our series Out of the Office. Check out the first post in the series hereand find out how our Lead Designer James Clifton is a real-life rockstar.

At Mediablaze, we aren’t just a group of triathletes and one rockstar. We are a group of dedicated creators and thinkers helping brands make friends across the globe. Drop us a message at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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