Those who tri - the office grind

Those who tri – the office grind

Our triathletes tell us all the ways they tri to keep healthy in the office.

One of the biggest challenges of competing in a triathlon is fitting in training around a busy work schedule and avoiding the myriad of birthday cupcakes and office treats lurking around every corner. But many people in our office make an effort to stay fit and eat right throughout the week, and our triathletes are no exception.

This week Gary and Tanika give us a look into what they do at the office to stay in shape and help them prepare for the triathlon which is now only four weeks away.

Gary aka GMAC


Commutes to work by: Cycling and running

Typical office meal: Meat and a veggie, usually broccoli 

Staying healthy at the office is: hard because the office manager, Kerry, is a “sweet treat feeder”.

When it gets difficult to find time: Works out in the morning

Advice to a beginner: Know how to swim and ride a bike and buy padded shorts.

Favourite cheat meal: Burgers and pizza

Current mood: gary-week-2-150x150

At the office Gary keeps pretty healthy. The only comments people have are about his food, which some people say “smells like dog food.” Gary is known around the office for fragrant sulfuric aroma that wafts through the hallways when he microwaves his broccoli.  He tries to stay away from the office’s weekly treats and birthday celebrations in order to stay healthy. 


Tanika aka The Flying Dutchwoman


Commutes to work by: Cycling

Typical office meal: 80% healthy, usually brings lunch or orders something semi healthy

Staying healthy at office is: difficult when there are lots of birthdays, but usually easy.

When it gets difficult to find time: Wakes up early or goes to gym in apartment complex

Advice to a beginner: Find a good training plan so you don’t get injured or overtrain.

Favourite cheat meal: Nachos from the oven smothered in cheese and guacamole

Current mood: tanika-week-2-150x150

Tanika always tries to eat healthy at work, but sometimes it’s difficult, “especially with a pregnant lady next to me feeding me cookies.” When she has the time, she likes to eat lunch somewhere else or go for a walk or run. No one has raised their eyebrows at any of Tanika’s habits or food except chocolate sprinkles ‘’because it’s a very Dutch thing.”

The triathlon is only three weeks away! So be sure to check in next week as our triathletes tell us how tech has helped them train.

At Mediablaze, we are not just a group of triathletes. We are experts in creating interesting and relevant content for brands. So feel free to get in touch, we will always take a break from our training schedule if you reach out at [email protected]

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