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The new workplace for digital marketing agency – Mediablaze

What happened to the suit and tie, 9-5 worker in a maze of cubicles?

The traditional workplace is boring. Whatever happened to the suit and tie, 9-5 worker whose natural habitat was nestling within a maze of cubicles?

People want more from office culture than the odd watercooler moment. And not just for personal reasons. Working in a more open, community environment can actually boost productivity.

Today, there is more of an emphasis on community than ever before. According to a Twitter survey, 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”. With such a focus on collaboration, the workplace has evolved to let teamwork come to the fore.

Although this type of environment has been common among entrepreneurs and the tech industry for years, it’s starting to become the norm for any type of organisation looking to innovate its way to success.

The new workplace has become part of company strategy, and it can help your people and your business thrive.

A creative workspace

Digital marketing agency Mediablaze has cut ties with the traditional workplace and is now enjoying a thoroughly modern way of working. We’re now located at WeWork South Bank Central in Stamford Street, London where we’re part of exactly the kind of community-centric, co-working space we’re discussing.

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In a matter of 8 years, WeWork has gone from 1,000 members at two locations in New York, to a place where hundreds of thousands of people go to work across 171 locations throughout the world. As an illustration of the rate of workplace change, it’s a compelling stat.

Creating a less stressful workplace is a good thing for everyone. Giving employees more freedom and comfort at work has increased the level to which people produce for their employer. Google, for example, has created an environment where employees are encouraged to eat healthily in the complimentary food halls, bring in their laundry and even invite their families in for evening meals if they need to work late.

Creating an environment that actively encourages people to function at their maximum, with a vast range of benefits, creates a workforce that is prepared to go above and beyond whenever they are called upon to. It’s this casual, dress-down, work AND play environment that fosters a culture of hard-work and success. People want to be treated like people, not just a resource.

By the numbers

Indeed, studies show that people get more work done and are more efficient in a more casual environment.

One stat that jumps out is that 30% less employees report suffering from persistent stress or anxiety than 10 years ago (1 in 10 versus 4 in 10 (2016 versus 2006)) (source).

Ultimately, this is why Mediablaze has relocated to a space that provides us with the opportunity to engage with the wider community and further understand the nuances of collaborative working in a more relaxed, less rigidly structured environment.

When we leave at the end of that day, we want to be proud of the work we’ve put in to best serve our clients. Moving from our old office was a big emotional undertaking, but we’re loving our new surroundings – the new people, the new ways of working, the community and, let’s be real, the free beer taps.

Work with one of the best digital marketing agencies in London

If you want to check out our new fancy office and try the fresh coffee (or beer tap) while you’re here, then drop us a line at [email protected].

This post was written by Declan Levy. 

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