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Content crystal ball

Predictions 2017: Looking into our crystal content ball

Some of the brightest minds in our industry give their predictions for 2017.

In 100 words or less, what do you think will be the biggest trend for 2017 in digital and/or content marketing?

A huge key factor in content marketing is timing — keeping up to date with what your audience wants, and being there where the cool kids are. I asked some of the brightest minds in content marketing (who happen to work in our office) to give me their predictions for 2017. Here’s what they had to say …

On personalisation

Data-driven VIP experiences

Social media has taught us that we’re all special little princes and princesses, so VIP experiences are now the baseline expectation. To captivate audiences, brands now need more data than ever – and crucially more diverse versions of the same message to cater for audience differences. That means more content but with a view to capturing and nurturing individual consumers. Data will be more important than ever as insight-derived marketing aims to deliver content with context. Innovative use of tech, hand-in-hand with quality content, is the route to winning in 2017.”
– Michael Brook, editorial director

To captivate audiences, brands now need more data than ever.

Meaningful measurement

“Marketing personalisation has been around for a while now, but the focus has been on using it to aid lower tunnel objectives like personalised e-commerce ads, or lead nurturing with automated emails. I think as the focus has shifted towards content marketing and upper funnel benefits, people are starting the recognise the value and opportunity in providing personalised content to our audience. Technology has also been developing rapidly to help us target users with personalised messages based on behaviour.”
– Nick Bramer, performance & insight manager

The power of programmatic

“Content marketing and technology will continue to converge in 2017 as brands scramble to keep pace with consumer expectations. Technology is an enabler to understanding intent, delighting consumers with really useful digital experiences and delivering contextually targeted content, the right content in the right place at the right time. Brands are still trying to figure out what organisational structures can support their ever-changing needs and so operational change will continue to be a feature of 2017. The technology stack is no longer just the domain of the IT director”
– Roger Barr, digital director


On influencers

Influencer / Mediablaze Group
JJ Rosa for Dali KATCH

Influencer marketing goes mainstream

“We will see more and more brands adopting influencer marketing as way of communicating with their audience. The sharing of content through social media has meant that people no longer just rely on the brand when making a purchase decision. Instead, they look for authenticity and credibility from the individuals they follow on their social channels. These individuals though are no longer high-paid celebrities who don’t care about the brand, but are more “everyday” people who act as brand ambassadors and truly care about the product they are advocating.”
– Mark Lloyd, account manager

Influencer research

“2017 will see content marketing agencies invest more thinking and spending behind so-called influencers, capitalising on the reach, visibility and renown of individuals who are especially prolific online, as well as within their respective spheres of expertise.”
– Narinder Purba, senior editor

If we’re not careful, influencer marketing will dig its own grave.

Influencer fatigue

“I doubt that influencer marketing as it is will survive 2017. People will grow sceptical if they see ‘their’ influencer promoting a different brand every other week. The threat of influencer fatigue is real and if we’re not careful, influencer marketing will dig its own grave with being too much ‘marketing’ and too less personal. I think we will see a shift from influencers being brand ‘ambassadors’ to being brand ‘creators’ or ‘collaborators’, e.g. inviting influencers to get involved in making an end-product”.
Tanika Buijsen, community manager


On AR, VR and video

The power of altered reality

“The biggest trend in our space this year will undoubtedly be centred around VR, AR and video capture. While Virtual Reality isn’t quite hitting the mainstream for your everyday consumer yet, the investment in this technology is increasing year on year. It’s only a matter of time before brands embrace this technology and exploit the massive marketing opportunities it offers.”
– Dan Whitney, client services director

Ubiquitous video

“It’s easier than ever to create video content, equipment hire costs are falling at the higher end, at the lower end anyone with a mobile phone has the ability to create. The likes of Facebook and Instagram are providing more support and greater emphasis on video content, it will take centre stage. In 2017 video will become the essential tool in promoting your business and conveying your brand identity. What will separate the good from the ugly is the ability and investment to create professional high-end, creative and engaging content.”
– Scott Hutchins, filmmaker

So, here you have it: Our predictions for 2017.

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