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The best pranks from April Fool’s Day 2019

We take a look at some of the best #fakenews to come out of April Fool’s Day 2019.

April Fool’s is a serious business for the internet. Today we’ve seen some stories that are bizarre, amusing, weird and sometimes all three. Brands have been at it for years and this year is no exception, so we’ve gathered the cream of the April Fool’s prank crop for your edification below…

  1. Travelodge’s ‘bedshare’ innovation

Travelodge has taken economy living to a whole new level this April Fool’s with ‘Bedshare’, which splits a room, amenities, and food into two separate areas for two strangers. The two people will get half of everything in the room: half the bed, half the toilet paper roll, half the sink, and half the breakfast. If they think this is a prank, they should check out student housing options.

    1. Tinder’s ‘height verification’

One of the most notorious downsides of online dating is ‘height fishing’ –  people lying about their height to make them seem taller. Tinder’s blog explains this phenomenon along with their new invention: the Height Verification Badge (HVB). Just like Twitter, you can become verified on Tinder for inputting your ‘correct’ height. Although it’s a joke, their ‘state-of-the-art verifying’ tool seems promising. Someone should get on that for real…

      1. POPS’ sausage roll popsicle

Remember all that fuss about a vegan sausage roll? Well, POPS loved that publicity so much, they took the sausage roll and RAN with it this April Fool’s. Jokingly, they’ve partnered with Gregg’s, and produced this new popsicle. No one asked for it, but now it’s here. Just in time for, erm, summer?

      1. Google’s Snake nostalgia

Instead of creating a fake product, or releasing some outrageous news story, Google kept with tradition and gave Google Maps a fun makeover this year – you can now play Snake in Google Maps. Even though it’s not ‘original’ Snake (it’s a public transport vehicle), it still brings back some nostalgia and lets you forget it’s April Fool’s for a second.

      1. KitKat ‘Tea for Breaks’

The chocolate snack has now jumped into the world of tea, and they seem pretty knowledgeable. The video released on their Twitter includes precise instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of KitKat tea. At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if this was real. Compared to everything else this April Fool’s, this joke seems pretty tame.

      1. Honda’s ‘polite horn’

The humble car horn, designed to let pedestrians and other road users know you’re there, is now just used to let other road users you’re annoyed with them. Honda thinks some of us want a horn to let other drivers know that you’re not angry, just disappointed. Their ‘polite horn’ is a passive-aggressive way to let people on the road know that they’ve not just let you down, they’ve let themselves down as well. 

      1. McDonald’s shake dipping sauces

McDonald’s seems to have finally embraced the fact that most of the world dips their fries in shakes (even if you don’t like it, you know you’ve tried it). These new ‘milkshake sauce pots’, dipping sauce sized packets of different flavours of milkshakes would make that even more convenient. Yes, it’s an April Fool’s prank, yes it’s good publicity for McDonald’s, and yes, we would 100% try it.


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