Trust comes first says content marketing agency Mediablaze

As in politics, trust is the most important thing for brands

But how do you become a trusted brand?

The General Election is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already decided how to vote, then trust will likely play a big part in your decision.

People are pretty darned cynical about their politicians, and one that the public likes and trusts is incredibly rare.  If you run a brand, there’s an important lesson to be learned here.

State of the nation

Pollsters understand that trust is all-important. It’s why they commission seemingly bizarre polling on which politician you’d trust most to repay £10 (Boris Johnson, apparently, though you’d imagine he’d never need the loan in the first place).

In 2011 just 26 percent of the population said they trust MPs in general, though you’d imagine that includes the 650 MPs themselves. That figure rises to around 40 percent when people are asked about their local MP, which is an important distinction: ‘Politicians are all the same – oh, except my guy. He’s great.’ 40 percent may still not sound like much, but remember that generally half those polled won’t have voted for their local MP, so would likely be hostile to them anyway.

Think about brands in general. Would you trust them to tell you the truth, and provide you with great content, or would you suspect their ulterior motive is to shift more product? Like the general politicians response, your answer is almost certainly ‘Why on Earth would I trust them?’

But like the MPs getting a local bonus, brands can be exceptions. That’s why becoming a trusted brand is all-important. You’ll stand out, and be liked in pretty cynical times.

How do you become trusted?

It’s remarkably similar for both politicians and brands: behave well, look out for your constituents’ wellbeing, be on hand to help out and above all don’t be singularly self-serving! Yes, you want to sell products, but that will happen organically through trust and friendship, rather than the hard sell.

While politicians can get away with being most popular for just one day in May, brands need to be aware of their customers 24/7. Form relationships, make friends and reap the long-term benefits of being one of the few beloved brands around.

Say hello

Want to be the most electable brand all year round? Get in touch today to see how we can canvas on your behalf – [email protected]. Mediablaze is a content marketing agency for the social age.

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