Mediablaze nominated for FOUR CMA Awards

Mediablaze nominated for FOUR CMA Awards

Four. It’s the, err, magic number.

We’re enormously proud to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for no less than four categories at this year’s CMA awards, where the cream of the content marketing crop come to wine, dine and celebrate greatness in the industry.

The shortlisted projects are:

Best Annual Content Strategy – Timberland Global Strategy

Best Specialist – WeLiveSecurity by ESET

Best Social  – Timberland Sensorflex

Best Automotive – InMotion by Jaguar Land Rover

Keen-eyed Mediablaze followers will recall that we won a CMA for Best Non-Retail Consumer campaign back in 2014 for our work on Merrell’s ‘The Pack’ influencer publishing campaign, so we’ve tasted sweet victory before and are eager for more.

Here’s to a successful awards night on November 22nd, stay tuned for more news…

NB: We’re all hugely relieved to note that our Digital Director Roger Barr is unable to attend, so there’s literally zero chance of a repeat of the infamous dance floor debacle of 2014. We love you, Rog!

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