5 easy pieces: content formats to keep your company blog fresh

5 easy pieces: content formats to keep your company blog fresh

Keeping the company blog up to date doesn’t have to be a burden.

Feeding the content beast can feel like a daunting task, particularly when the company blog may be far down on the list of day-to-day priorities. But a timely relevant blog can serve as a powerful sales tool for any company and keeping it up to date doesn’t have to be a burden.

As any publisher will tell you, the key to a steady publishing schedule is relying on repeatable content formats and some forward planning. One of the most untapped resources for blog content are industry events and speaking engagements. With a little strategy and planning, one event can provide dozens of valuable, engaging pieces of content which can be published throughout the year. Here’s how to mine your company or industry events for content gold.

1. Round-Ups – Create a list of 7 to 10 provocative and topical industry questions relevant to the event’s theme. If the answers are short, ask attendees write out their response on a white board and photograph them, which can also be posted on your social channels. January’s a great time to ask questions around predictions for the year. “What do you think the biggest industry trend will be this year?” or “What will you do differently in 2017?”

2. By the Numbers – Create a statistic-lead visual from the figures in the keynote speaker’s presentation. A well-designed graphic can get a lot of play on Pinterest.

3. Event Recap Videos – Record the speakers and edit the highlights together for an engaging video of the main points and actionable insights from the event.

4. Q&As – Follow up with the keynote speaker via email or phone for an industry-related question and answer session to accompany the event video on the blog.

5. 10 Key Takeaways – Distil the event’s most interesting, salient points into a digestible executive summary of the event. This is also an opportunity to highlight great quotes from the event which will hero the speakers.

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