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Finding its voice: the rise and rise of the new search

Influencer marketing needs to clean up its act in 2019

Insight is in the eye of the beholder: Data challenges and opportunities…

As senior marketers, we increasingly rely on data-driven insights to make important decisions. In order to understand consumer behaviour and the impact of our marketing efforts, the research options are endless and can range from harnessing the power of big data, to running small-scale growth marketing experiments.

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The future is LIVE …

In four year’s time, video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic

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Why you need to take back control of your brand publishing

If you publish branded content, ask yourself this question…

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The worst social media fails of 2016

Anyone can do social media, right? Wrong. As these brands demonstrate…

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Leicester City vs. England (and what it means for you)

England failed at Euro 2016 for the same reasons that Leicester succeeded.

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Pinterest steps up ad-targeting

Pinterest is becoming content marketers’ favourite platform.

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Mediablaze Labs Presents: Project Veto

Although our clients always come first, we like to have some fun ourselves…

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Emojis Everywhere – The Smiley Strikes Back

Why it could be considered the world’s fastest growing language…

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Is the Facebook 20% rule dead?

The much-hated Facebook rule has been the subject of much speculation of late.

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Sustainability: consumers driving change (and profit)

What used to be an eco-hippy fringe market is now a billion dollar industry.

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