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Influencer marketing needs to clean up its act in 2019

Can branded content really inspire action and sell product?

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Sustainability: consumers driving change (and profit)

What used to be an eco-hippy fringe market is now a billion dollar industry.

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Facebook Reactions: what it means for brands

Until now, there’s been little you can do to show distaste for a branded post.

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Timberland appoints Mediablaze as global content agency

Mediablaze will manage and produce its digital, social and print content.

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Social media for marketers

Too many brands feel they should be on social media because their rivals are.

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Our content obsession… and why we need to be MORE obsessed

Content might be the buzzword for now, but it’s nothing new…

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4 BIG mistakes companies make with their content

You may create great content, but how you use it is just as important.

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4 ways companies SHOULD use content marketing

Companies that see content marketing as a brand-builder will reap the rewards.

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Hanging from a rope with a £10,000 camera

Video man Scott talks the outdoor challenges of shooting for Merrell.

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