Our pick of 2017's Super Bowl ads

Our pick of 2017’s Super Bowl ads

From the funny, to the thought-provoking, to the plain weird

Super Bowl LI is done and dusted and the New England Patriots, predictably, took the win – albeit in hard-fought, unexpectedly nail-biting fashion. But everyone knows the Super Bowl ads are where the real action is, so here’s a selection of our favourites from last night:

From the flat-out funny…

Ghost Spuds – Bud Light
A visit from an old friend in the shape of late-80s Bud Light mascot Spuds MacKenzie. Ghost Spuds returns to help a reluctant socialiser get himself back in the game…

Hero’s Journey – Kia Niro
Melissa McCarthy stars as a gung-ho eco warrior and, erm, well, hilarity ensues…

Romance the Rainbow – Skittles
Relatable tale of love with a backstory that leaves plenty to the imagination…

To ads with a conscience

Daughter – Audi
Tear-jerking take on gender equality.

Born The Hard Way – Budweiser
An immigrant’s epic journey from hatred, to acceptance, to beer-brewing greatness.

The Entire Journey – 84 Lumber
Epic Trump wall riposte from hitherto unknown (well, to us) lumber company 84 Lumber. Edited to show a wire border fence for the ad spot, this is the un-edited original cut that Fox deemed too controversial to air.

To the plain weird…

Brett Favre – Buffalo Wild Wings
Making sense of historical interceptions via witches and aliens…

#AvoSecrets – Avocados from Mexico
Then there’s this oddly hypnotic number. ‘Come and get it, hipsters’.

BONUS: #neverforget

No roundup of Super Bowl ads is complete without the king of ads from last year.

PuppyMonkeyBaby – Mountain Dew Kickstart
Comfortably the best thing to come out of Super Bowl 50. Apologies in advance…

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