Anthony Nolan – one year on....

Anthony Nolan – one year on….

One year on from the best spit I’ve ever done.

It’s been a year since I started my journey with Anthony NolanI often think about how it all started with one spit, and the kind of impact it had – not so much on my life, but more on the life of the recipient. Someone I’ve never met received my donated stem cells. Crazy really.

When I donated last year, my friends and colleagues at Mediablaze were incredibly supportive – I got the time off I needed, as well as being there to help me when I stepped out of my comfort zone to raise awareness about the amazing work Anthony Nolan is doing. It worked – I stopped counting when more than 50 people had told me they’d done the life-saving swab or spit.   

The journey with Anthony Nolan will be one of a lifetime. Even now, one year later, I still talk about my donation. It’s something that I want the whole world to know about, to get as many people on the register so that more lives can be saved.

To raise even more awareness about this great cause, I’m fundraising for Anthony Nolan over the next three months by taking part in three events;  the Wimbledon Half Marathon, the New Forest Olympic Triathlon and finally the Cotswolds Half Ironman. Fair to say the last will be the biggest challenge…

Anyone who knows me knows that my competitive streak occasionally takes over and it makes me want to set some good times. More than setting a good time though is getting the support of people either by signing up to Anthony Nolan or by donating to my Just Giving page. Thank you all!

Fancy a chat with Holly about being a stem cell donor, or just want to say hi to all of us? Get in touch via [email protected]


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